Utopia is on the horizon: When I walk two steps, it takes two steps back. I walk ten steps, and it is ten steps further away. What is Utopia for? It is for this, for walking. - Eduardo Galeano

修龍 香港台灣月 Eatopia Taiwan Culture Festival in HongKong 


2015年倫敦設計節 London Design Festival 以EATAIPEI為WDC為推廣活動策劃展覽,將台北以「歷史、地景、台北人、生活型態、未來」五項議題,透過食物設計和參與式劇場的體驗形式,在倫敦受到廣大的迴響,策展人曾熙凱、吳雅筑偕共同策展人張雅筑及廚師蔡中和的Eatopia團隊,受2016年倫敦設計雙年展的邀對應於大會主題- Utopia by Design 為台灣館延續以食物設計的手法做全新的策劃,在今年九月的展出中,Eatopia展在紐約時報被評為 Top 5 Projects Not to Miss at the London Design Biennale,也受到Dezeen, BBC, Domus Magazine 等國際媒體的好評。


After the success in 1st edition of London Design Biennale, Eatopia had been invited to HongKong for Taiwan Culture Festival. We will build a new temporary theatre and present our food design performance in Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Centre from 28 (Fri) to 30 (Sun) Oct. 2016. If you miss our show in London, please do make your time and come to experience the culinary journey of Taiwan's history and culture collisions!

〖 Exhibition Information 〗

Time | Friday - Sunday . 28th - 30th October 2016
Location | Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Centre
Suite 4907, 49/F Central Plaza,18 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Performance Language| English